Mother Goose is the owner of Goose Farm and her children, Lulu and Peter help her run it. They have to keep a look-out for Foxy Farquhar, an upper-class fox, who is continually chasing the stock of Goose Farm.  Times are hard and Mother Goose is in debt to Squire Badwig. She tries to increase egg production by carrying out experiments in the barn.  Meanwhile Peter is in love with Alice, the Squire’s daughter but her father is opposed to them meeting.  

The Squire sends in his bailiffs, Nuts and Crackers, to remove property to pay the debt and they discover the experiments in the barn. As a result of an accident, a very large goose is created.

The evil Demon King, who likes to disrupt all pantomimes, wants Priscilla for himself but Fairy Glimmer helps to save the day and bestows upon Priscilla the ability to speak and to lay solid gold eggs.  

Determined to have Priscilla, the Demon King tricks Mother Goose to swap her in return for the promise of Youth and Beauty.  

Does this mean the Demon King has won the day? Never fear, good and love will win through.


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SATURDAY 14 DECEMBER at 3.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m.

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